Siena Steakhouse

  • Siena

    Authentic Italian dining experience nestled in Phnom Penh

  • Siena

    Authentic Italian dining experience nestled in Phnom Penh

    Welcome to Siena Italian Steakhouse

    Discover the rich flavors of Italy at Siena Steakhouse, where we serve mouthwatering steaks, seafood, and traditional Italian dishes. Indulge in our signature Cacciucco, a Tuscan seafood stew, and savor the warm ambiance of our cozy dining space. 

    Buon appetito!


    Introducing Our Culinary Maestro: Chef Pino

    Meet Siena’s Chef Pino, a Southern Italian culinary expert, crafting authentic Italian dishes with passion and premium ingredients. Experience his handcrafted pasta, seafood, and meats for an unforgettable dining adventure. Buon appetito! 


    Indulge in a Symphony of Flavors at Siena

    Explore Siena’s enticing menu, featuring exquisite steaks and seafood, authentic pasta creations, and delectable desserts inspired by Italy’s rich culinary heritage.

    Get a memorable italian experience with us 

    Let Chef Pino’s passion for Italian cuisine and the Siena team transport you on a memorable culinary adventure at Siena. Make your reservation

    Find us here

    27th Floor, Flatiron By Meridian Phnom Penh City Center, Phnom Penh 120407 Cambodia